prove yourself is a

must read for

high school students
You are never too young to learn how to dream
big and start on the path for your success journey.
college students
Now is the time to develop a plan for your
future and start on your journey, before
you graduate.
single mothers
This book will inspire you and your child
to dream big and to approach life with
a positive drive to succeed.
down & counted out
Feel you’re not getting the right opportunities?
This book will inspire you to dream big and
start on the path for your success.
Learn how to capitalize on opportunities,
build successful companies and minimize
the mistakes you might make.
This book will reinforce your positive traits and give
new insights into building working teams so you
can maximize your potential.
Prove Yourself is a book that triumphantly lays out an odyssey from humble beginnings in the tiny island of Jamaica, to the business capital of the world, New York City, through the hallowed walls of the best Ivy League universities, a stop on Wall Street and in the operating rooms at the best hospitals in the world, to the chief executive office of a private equity firm valued over a billion and counting.


Chapter 1:

Start With A Desire, Then Satisfy A Need

"It is essential that you recognize your true situation before you embark on your journey."

Chapter 2:

Study the Histories of Successful Entrepreneurs

"I believe you should judge yourself by how you treat the lowest-level people in your organization, & how you mentor the highest performers."

Chapter 3:

Focus on Building a Working Team

“If you want to win,
build a working team.”

Chapter 4:

Chalkboard to Get the Best Out of an Idea

“Chalkboarding with your team puts
everyone in an equal position, wherein they
don’t need to be right, just involved.”

Chapter 5:

Work Hard & Be Hands-On

“... in moments of need, stick your hands
out and use them to help yourself.”

Chapter 6:

Look for Teachable Moments

“These are moments when you stop—right in the middle of everyone
being focused on getting somewhere or something done—and you call
attention to an important lesson that the situation created.”

Chapter 7:

Understand the Value of Money

“...treat time and money as if they have equal
value. If you waste time, you are wasting
money—and if you waste money you are wasting
time that you gave up to make the money.”

Chapter 8:

Your Time is Your Greatest Resource

“If you have some money but not a lot, spend
more time and less money. If you have a lot of
money spend more money and less time.”

Chapter 9:

Don’t Try to Be Perfect

“One of the most important things you
can make is a mistake that you can
solve—learning something that you
would not have known otherwise.”

Chapter 10:

It’s All about the Customer

“When thinking about your businesses
purpose and mission, it should be
centered around satisfying the
customer, not just your dreams.”

Chapter 11:

Avoid Pride, It Guarantees Failure

“...pride in any form clouds your judgment
and is only a thin veil hiding insecurities.
Manifested pride is always a sign to watch
for, as it is a prodrome for a fall.”

Chapter 12:

“There is nothing more beneficial to the progress of humankind than
those people who choose to have a strong will to succeed.”

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