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Dr. Kingsley R. Chin was born in the tiny seaside town of Buff Bay, Jamaica to a single teenage mother, Loleta L. Blythe, and was the eldest of four children. Recognizing his situation early in life, he focused on developing his athletic talents across multiple sports while being diligent at academics. It was important for him to set goals that could help him get ahead in life and to have contingency plans.
He excelled as a student-athlete and was rewarded with a starting position at center forward on the Jamaica Junior National Soccer Team in international competition. He got the exposure and the break he needed to leave Jamaica whena he was recruited to play varsity soccer at the then #1 ranked Columbia University in New York City. He took advantage of this opportunity to graduate with a dual degree in engineering and mathematics, hold membership in the prestigious Eta Kappa Nu electrical engineering honor society, serve as elected senior class president, and become Ivy-League Player of the Year in varsity soccer.
Prove Yourself Institute Founder Dr. Kingsley R. Chin on Jamaica Junior National Soccer Team
Harvard-trained Orthopedic Surgeon Professor Dr. Kingsley R. Chin - Prove Yourself Institute founder
After graduating, he worked at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the New York City office as an experienced IT Management Consultant in the financial sector. He later went to Boston and spent ten years at Harvard Medical School where he graduated with honors and completed his training to become an orthopedic surgeon.
He then spent a year in Cleveland training with the renowned Dr. Henry H Bohlman to specialize in spine surgery before serving as the Chief of Spine Surgery and Assistant Professor of Orthopedics at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in Philadelphia. He now practices at the Less Exposure Surgery Specialists (LESS) Institute, a private academic practice he founded in Florida that specializes in giving patients better outcomes and quicker recovery through outpatient orthopedic and spine surgery.
Dr. Chin has invested many years of his personal time to lay the foundation for less invasive surgeries in an outpatient setting through SpineFrontier, the LES technology device company and the LESSociety, a philanthropic 501c(3) not-for-profit society.
He continues to do surgeries and teach regularly at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and have taught over 200 surgeons from countries such as Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, Panama, Trinidad, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. He is also a Team Physician for the Jamaican Track & Field team, which includes the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. Dr. Chin has created a destination in Florida for the Who’s Who to seek outpatient Less Exposure Surgery for their spine injuries, and he recently operated on the elite athlete Chris Gayle a leading cricketer for Royal Challengers Bangalore Team in the Indian Premier League.
Prove Yourself Institute Founder Dr. Kingsley R. Chin stands among fastest man alive Usain Bolt and professional cricketer Chris Gayle.
Success mentor and life coach Dr. Kingsley R. Chin dedicates his life to educating and mentoring with Prove Yourself Institute.
He is Professor of Clinical & Biomedical Sciences at the Charles E. Schmidt School of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University and Professor of Clinical Orthopaedic Surgery at The Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University and a Visiting Professor at the University of the West Indies. He holds over 65 published peer-reviewed articles, written books, holds over 40 patents, and has given over 200 lectures worldwide. He is being increasingly recognized for his body of work in the field of orthopedics and spine surgery, receiving high honors such as "Spine Surgeon Leader To Know,” “20 Spine and NeuroSurgeon Inventors to Know,” and “10 spine, orthopedic surgeon tech entrepreneurs to know” by the renowned Becker’s Spine Review.
Dr. Chin credits his success to the feeling of needing to prove to himself and to others that have helped him that he can succeed at a high level and make a positive mark on this world.
He feels indebted to several people who have helped him along the way, too many to list here but they know who they are and he gives his thanks. He pays special tribute to his mother, maternal grandmother, and his early mentor and principal of Titchfield High School, Mr. Lloyd O. Chin, for nurturing him and focusing him on the values of education and to his high school soccer coach Don Davis for the discipline and drive he instilled in him to succeed at soccer and his college soccer coach Dieter Ficken who always believed in him and gave him the break he needed to get to the USA.
 Success motivation by life coach Dr. Kingsley R. Chin with Prove Yourself Institute
Mentor and father Dr. Kingsley R. Chin of Prove Yourself Institute
In order to prove himself, he has developed the mentality of being “all in” by focusing 100% on everything he does - big or small. He enjoys being all-in with his three children; Milan his daughter, and Kingston and Blaze his two sons. He feels his most important responsibility is being a father and mentor to his children to continue the cycle of life and ensure that the things he has learned are passed on to them.
He believes the greatest legacy he can leave is for his growing network of KICVentures companies to provide knowledge, support and funding to budding entrepreneurs. Through investing in their success, he believes he will have the broadest impact on changing the world. Writing Prove Yourself comes from a deep conviction that helping budding entrepreneurs is the greatest generational legacy of philanthropy.
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Quote by Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, founder of Prove Yourself Institute - share your success motivation by tagging #proveyourselfnow on Instagram
Quote by Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, founder of Prove Yourself Institute - share your success motivation by tagging #proveyourselfnow on Instagram
Quote by Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, founder of Prove Yourself Institute - share your success motivation by tagging #proveyourselfnow on Instagram
Quote by Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, founder of Prove Yourself Institute - share your success motivation by tagging #proveyourselfnow on Instagram